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10 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

After a time of great changes, the famous “new normal” has arrived. Marketing has had to deal with the extremely fast speed at which new trends move in this sector. That is why, in order to have a good digital strategy, it is not only necessary to know the new trends, but also to do what Ranwell productions company has stated recently, and that’s to anticipate and adapt to them.

Below are 10 key trends that can be implemented into your digital marketing strategy.

1) Importance of privacy for the user

In an increasingly interconnected world, where sharing information online is common practice, is privacy dead? Quite the contrary. The concern of the user to maintain their privacy online has increased in recent years. That is why it is essential to include a privacy policy in your digital strategy.

Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) in 2018, web pages are required to establish a complete, clear and updated privacy policy.

In the web privacy policy, the user must be informed about:

  • Identity, location and contact information of the owner of the website (whether it is a natural person or a legal entity).
  • What personal data is collected, stored and processed
  • What methods are used to collect such data.
  • The purpose for which the data is collected.
  • How the collected data is stored and secured.
  • When and how they can give their consent for the collection and processing of their data. And what rights they have over them and how to exercise them.
  • What third party services you are using to collect, process and store the personal data.

Including a correct privacy policy in your digital strategy will promote trust and transparency towards your public and favor the image of your brand.

2) The emergence of inbound marketing as part of the digital strategy

Inbound marketing is a methodology that uses marketing and advertising techniques in order to reach your potential customers in a more effective way. The purpose of this methodology is to accompany those potential customers who are interested in acquiring one of your products or services until the moment of their acquisition. In addition, inbound marketing is beneficial for your company in many aspects, since it helps to obtain leads and their subsequent loyalty.

Is inbound marketing a fad? Many companies already have a marketing strategy that includes this methodology, and the important presence it has within the marketing sector is a reality. Inbound marketing is not a fad, it is a methodology that aspires to have evidence of dominance for at least another decade, which is why including inbound marketing in your digital strategy can mean a radical change in the results of your bells.

3) The arrival of the metaverse

If there is a novelty that has marked these last months of 2021, it is the arrival of the metaverse, and with it the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook in which he puts reality on the table: in five years Facebook will cease to be a company of social networks to be a ‘metaverse’ company.

But what is the metaverse? It is a virtual space in which several people can interact with each other and with digital objects.

Social networks allow us to do many of these things, but it is always on a 2D screen. The feeling of presence and teleportation would be key aspects in this new environment.

The introduction of the metaverse in our society will favor the new normality and help the online connections to which we have become accustomed in recent years marked by the pandemic. Its appearance is not new, but it is true that after Zuckerberg’s announcement, it has been put in the forefront of study and is considered one of the most notable trends of the coming years that will create new businesses and will require adaptation.

4) The expansion of programmatic advertising

Have you noticed that when you search for something online you do not stop receiving ads related to what you are interested in? It’s like if the internet knew exactly what you need. This is largely thanks to programmatic advertising, a new automation technology that is revolutionizing digital strategies and the way ads are delivered to users.

Programmatic advertising refers to the automatic purchase of audiences for ads, segmented based on the needs of the buyer. This automation makes it easy to buy audiences in masses from a single, integrated platform while keeping ads relevant and effective; something that would have been impossible by buying each audience manually.

That is why it is highly recommended to use programmatic advertising in your digital strategy. In this way, your brand will be able to reach a more specific audience and in less time will favor the purchase process of your product or service.

5) Event-focused email marketing

A very effective technique used in email marketing is the implementation of workflows in the process of attracting or retaining customers. Normally, workflows are used at the moment in which the user meets a series of requirements, that is, when they enter a flow configured to be carried out automatically and receive communications adapted to their characteristics as a user.

Recently, this technique has been directly related to events organized by the brand. The workflows will have as a central point the celebration of this event and will focus on sending communications in relation to it. For example, if a brand organizes a webinar, the user will receive communications before and after the webinar. Thus, reinforcing user assistance and interaction.

6) Shopping on TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest

More and more social networks are coming together to use their platforms as a sales showcase. These take advantage of the immense number of users who consume the content to sell their products. Some time ago Instagram debuted with this technique, but it has been recently when the popular social network TikTok has added a new shopping tab to its profiles.

Thus, the social network allows companies that have a TikTok for the Business profile to synchronize their product catalogs with the application to take the user directly to their eCommerce.

Twitter has not wanted to be left behind and has also launched a pilot test in which users with an account in the US will have the possibility of buying through the social network. When the user visits an account with the Shopping module, they will be able to browse the brand’s product catalog and make purchases without having to leave Twitter.

Pinterest has also joined this trend and has included the “shopping” option on its platform. The social network has taken advantage of its important role in the selection process by users before making a purchase, to connect them directly with brands and thus facilitate the process.

7) Google Web Stories

Recently, Google has surprised us with the introduction of Stories on its platform. This format of great impact among users of social networks, allows you to create and consume ephemeral content and generate a direct connection with the user. Thus, with Web Stories, Google is positioned alongside the pioneering platforms (Snapchat and Instagram), betting on this type of format that will help brands attract audiences to their website.

In addition, the creation of Web Stories will favor Google’s web positioning as well as the visibility of your brand.

8) Increased brand investment in social ads

Increasingly, brands rely on social networks as a channel to make their sales. According to a study carried out by Emplifi, if we compare the first and second quarters of 2022, the growth in investment in Facebook Ads is only 3.2%. But if we look at the figures from last year, we find that marketers have invested 49.9% more compared to the second quarter of 2021.

9) Creativity in social ads: increased consumer demand with the content they consume

The public of social networks has become increasingly demanding with the content they consume. That is why brands face a creative challenge every time they want to advertise on these platforms. Users are not satisfied with simple and unprepared content, but instead look for something that breaks with what is established and that generates interest in what is being advertised.

A good creative team is essential for brands that want to stand out in their advertising and strive to represent their brand image so that it reaches the user in the most effective way possible.

10) Video Marketing

If we have to highlight a trend that has been gaining importance in recent years, it is the introduction of content in video format on all social platforms. With the impressive rise of the TikTok app, many platforms have chosen to include a similar format in their posts.

This is the case of Instagram, which has chosen to create the “Reels” format, a tool within Instagram itself that allows us to upload several clips of up to 15 seconds of video, with effects or with tools and filters.

This new format opens promotion and advertising options to brands that, through creative processes, can reach broader audiences and increase their engagement.

These are some of the trends in digital marketing that will be very strong in 2022. Anticipate them and start introducing them into your digital strategy to get the most out of your campaigns and thus achieve your goals.

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