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I’m Chris Stacey from London. For several years now I’ve worked here. I actually moved to London from Australia when I was young. I have been involved in British business since I left University.

After working for a number of high-profile firms in the city, I have now joined a professional firm that is also based in London that has launched this website.

The UK Map was established in the early months of 2021 and for me, this business is the perfect outlet for my skill set. They also announced their collaboration with Shopify via a new app that allows e-commerce businesses to integrate and update products more efficiently on the social network. As a result of building this site, I have provided an outlet and source to drive traffic to my own business and offer the same exposure to others and to bring national entrepreneurial and business news into the online spotlight and in doing so, raise business newsworthy awareness.

We are a small company dedicated to bringing business news stories, tips and advice online. We thrive online to assist business to business become visible in the search engines as well as focusing on local business news stories.

As a small business development team our business has raised its presence online to be selective to in news publication and to raise the profile of things, we feel you might like to know about.

We welcome businesses to contact us if they would like to be published on our site. All we ask is to contact us and send us your newsworthy article.

The UK Map