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How To Improve Customer Service In Your E-Commerce With A Help Desk

Poor customer service is the worst thing for a startup.

E-commerce is a digital environment that people expect quick and concise attention. This makes the issue even more complex.

This will allow you to ask the question: Are your expectations being met?

Customer service is measured not just in terms of how fast it takes to answer a question by WhatsApp.

Only a Help Desk Software (or Help Desk Software) can address certain factors, including performance metrics (how many questions your team resolves in X amount of time), customer ratings based upon the usefulness and impact of customer services on sales.

To fully grasp what we are referring to, you must first understand what a Help Desk does and how it can improve your customer service.

Let’s get right to the point.

What does a Software Help Desk do?

A Help Desk allows users to communicate with service agents and other personnel in a shared environment.

There are many types and styles of Help Desks, but all agree to provide support ticket history, query tracking, unification of service channels, and support ticket history.

Automations and integration with other tools (e.g. CRM, ERP, and communication platforms such as Slack) are some of the most important features of Help Desks.

You should also ensure that your Help Desk offers analytics to allow for continuous review of performance indicators. You won’t know how efficient your customer support team is or if the support system is working well for users without statistics.

You will need to use a Help Desk Software to measure this factor. This software allows clients rate their attention and generate personalized reports.

How can you take advantage of an e-commerce Help Desk?

To improve customer service in your online business, it is not enough to just invest in a Help Desk. It is important to choose the right software.

We will ask you a few questions, regardless of what product your company offers.

These answers will provide you with the information you need to tailor your Help Desk to your business’s needs.

1. Why isn’t customer service working as it is?

If you don’t know the source of the problem, it is impossible to improve it.

You have probably identified red flags such as customer complaints and cancellations of orders to determine if your customer service is lacking.

Consider the various functions of a Help Desk Software and make a list.

This list is useful for screening and shortlisting candidates, as not all tools work the same.

You will be able to draw conclusions if you have used prior practices, such as satisfaction surveys and qualification of service agents. Here are some questions to help you clarify your thoughts if not.

Do we solve the client’s problems and doubts in the most effective way?

Are customers satisfied with the way we continue to do things? Or could they be happier if we did it differently?

What tools or skills does our service team require to provide better care?

2. How many channels are necessary to unify?

The second part of the list is the number and type of digital channels you allow for inquiries.

Let’s suppose you have a WhatsApp number for customer service. However, you receive most requests or complaints via social media.

You also have an online chat and an email to support your site.

If you have no Software Help Desk and this is the case, it is normal for customer service to take longer to respond to requests. This is because managing multiple channels simultaneously can be confusing and frustrating.

Identify the channels you want to unify, and then review Help Desk programs that match this condition. Centralizing multiple messaging platforms into one interface will improve your team’s productivity, and customers will be happier to have their problems solved quickly.

3. What kind of service experience can users expect?

This is directly related to the kind of products your business sells.

You will likely get many service inquiries if you sell clothing. These can be related to colors, textures and delivery times.

Let’s suppose you know the questions 90% of customers ask. It doesn’t make sense to ask the same question 400 times.

The best Help Desk Software can be used to create bots, or automated answers. It also has databases of frequently-asked questions.

This system runs automatically so users can resolve their doubts faster than if it was necessary to wait for a person to answer them.

Your customer service team can also focus on more pressing issues.

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