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How To Structure Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

It is crucial to organize your Facebook Ads campaigns to make sure you can measure and optimize your strategies. This will allow you to maximize your budget. We share the three levels of campaign structure with you. These are important to consider before you set objectives, formats, circulation, and so forth.

Let’s first discuss the benefits of structuring your strategy when it comes to social networks.

You can create multiple ads for the same purpose, directed at a specific location or segment.

You can also spread the same ad across different segments.

This will allow you to see which resources produce the best results. Photos? Videos?

For the same type ad, you can also compare copies and CTA (Call to Action).

You will also receive performance reports for every level of the structure. Based on these data, you can adjust different elements of your campaign to increase your results.

The three levels of a campaign

We mentioned at the start that the Facebook Ad Manager allows us to organize campaigns at three levels: Ad set, Campaigns, and Ads.

1. Campaigns: A campaign may contain one or more ads sets (level 2). These ads will all have one thing in common: the goal. The goal is then defined at the first level. You should carefully consider all possible objectives and choose the one that suits your goals. Example: My ad sets will search users who want to download my app.

2. Set of ads: The second level will be used to design the segmentation (interests, age and location), the campaign calendar, execution dates, and the location it will take up within the platform (feed or video). The push. We will then decide how much budget we will allot to this particular set of ads.

We can, for example, design two segments and two budgets to achieve the campaign’s objective. Therefore, we will have two sets ads.

3. Ads: At this point, we define what the users will see. This is the format and text that will be used to accomplish the objectives. The copy, CTA, and resources (photos or videos, etc.) are all important. The post will be made up of the copy, CTA and resources (photos, videos, links etc.). An ad set may include one or more ads.

To achieve the same goal, we can create different ads (segmentation and location, etc.). Finally, you can use different content types to communicate your message.

It is important to review all the objectives that can be used for each campaign. You can also look at the options available to segment your audience such as their interests, behaviors, and demographics. We recommend that you have a Facebook area to help clarify any doubts.

You can limit the amount of advertising you spend. This means that you can set a budget limit before publishing any campaigns. The expense calculators are available to all ad managers. They allow you to keep track of each campaign and their results on a daily basis.

Each of these levels are essential to the management of an Instagram or Facebook strategy. This is the right time to think about your goals and determine the best combinations to test and measure at each level.

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