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The 10 keys to loyalty marketing that you should know

Don’t even let yourself lose a single customer! And it is that through proper customer service, personalized marketing, and putting in value the so-called loyalty marketing you will not only retain them but also the long-awaited increase in sales. We offer you some keys that yes or yes you should take into account…

LOYALTY. A word that every trade or business must engrave in capital letters in its own DNA. Sometimes, there are those who are so lucky that due to different circumstances they manage to achieve an important client portfolio in record time.

In others, building a loyal customer base can cost you time. And in both cases, it can be very easy to lose them. There is no doubt that pampering and treating them well should be an obligation of any company and therefore there is nothing better than knowing the basics of so-called loyalty marketing.

What is a loyalty marketing

Customer loyalty marketing lays its foundations in a consumer retention strategy thanks to incentives and benefits that promote their consumption in the store itself. And as a backdrop, of course, user satisfaction is based on good customer service and a quality product.

Customer loyalty marketing allows customers to appreciate the added value they get from their purchases at a particular store and feel counted. Hence the importance of personalized marketing. The company must know very well what the needs of its customers are, what they are looking for, what attracts them the most to continue coming to the store, and therefore how to motivate them to retain them.

The keys to loyalty marketing

  1. Loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are one of the bases of this type of marketing. Also known as point cards, it offers a series of bonuses to the customer for consuming in the store.
  2. Special promotions. Promotions usually work very well to retain customers and more when they are constant and attractive. Although the business has a lower profit margin with them, as a whole it is higher.
  3. Offers to regular customers. Good customer service helps to retain our customers and even more so if they are local customers, close to the neighborhood. Making offers only for these is another way to retain the most objective customer.
  4. Gifts when making the purchase. One of the keys to loyalty marketing is choosing to give customers a gift when making purchases. A small gift, samples, a detail… is always appreciated.
  5. Details on designated dates. Dates such as Christmas, Easter, or local holidays can be a good opportunity to put this loyalty marketing into practice and offer specific details.
  6. Sponsorships. Collaborating in local initiatives or popular festivals, apart from branding, also helps to build loyalty and feel the business is closed.
  7. The benefits of new technologies. There are many applications nowadays that can help you strengthen your commitment to loyalty marketing, improve the image of your business and benefit your immediate environment.
  8. Personalized attention. Online shopping, telephone service, or personalized home delivery of the purchase are other techniques that your business can put into practice.
  9. Digital Marketing. Your business should not turn its back on this type of marketing. Social networks and email marketing campaigns, for example, will help you achieve more personalized marketing and build customer loyalty.
  10. Customer Service. And there is no doubt that you should worry about him, about what products he likes and needs. Placing specific orders and letting them know when you have them will help you retain them. They will appreciate it.
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