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Tools To Increase The Productivity Of Your Business

It is important to find a way for your budget to go further if you are an SME.

Entrepreneurship is almost always about “the money counts”, but there are a lot of issues to address in order to compete with large companies. So the question is, how can I increase the growth of my business without going bankrupt the first one?

It is important to select tools that increase productivity, which is the effectiveness of your productive effort. This is measured by the rate at which you produce per unit of input.

Fortunately for SMBs, many productivity-boosting tools are free or freemium (in other words: with free and paid options) , so you don’t always have to invest to boost your business.

These are just a few options.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is a digital marketing field that measures websites’ performance, corporate blogs or paid ads.

It is important to optimize resources in order to achieve better results and to address performance issues that could lead to loss of customers.

Imagine a website with poor rankings in Google. How will it attract leads?

Analytics is the solution. Fortunately, many of the most valuable tools for accomplishing this mission are free, and even provided by Google.

Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that analyzes web traffic. It allows you to look at user behavior and demographic profiles of visitors, among other variables. This helps SMEs target the right audience and optimize digital channels.

Hotjar. Hotjar is a freemium website tool that provides heat maps, displacement maps and click maps as well as session recordings, funnel mapping, session recordings, and other useful features. Hotjar provides an overview of how to improve user experience, performance, and conversion rates. It is based on, for instance, the most appealing content sections and those that do not seem to be attracting visitors.

Collaborative editing

You can collaborate on the same document with other people and edit in real-time using collaborative editing tools. You may already be familiar with Google Docs and Word online (they are not new), but you should also consider other free or freemium options that allow you to do more: assign tasks, create checklists, remind you, and so on.

Evernote. Evernote helps teams keep organized and allows them to share information. You can easily capture ideas (notes, reminders and even photos) and sync them across multiple devices.

Dropbox Paper. It’s the Dropbox cloud text editor and a great alternative to Google Docs. Paper is a distraction-free interface that allows your team to stay focused while editing financial reports, marketing plans or quarterly goals.

Cloud file sharing

If you host the most critical information about your company on the cloud, it can provide relief from technical difficulties if you use reliable servers with approved cybersecurity protocols.

These are the best options:

  • Dropbox (2GB Free)
  • Google Drive (15GB Free)
  • OneDrive (5GB Free)
  • Box (10 GB)

Email for teams

It has never occurred to you, how much easier it would be for your team to edit and assign emails?

Spark, Readdle’s mail server, is only one of the many things you can do with Spark. Spark also has other functions that can increase productivity in your company.

  • Emails can include private annotations.
  • Integrations with Evernote and Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.
  • Templates for messages
  • Sending mail.
  • Follow-up reminders

Software for Project Management

The Project Management Software completes the perfect combination of tools that will increase productivity within your SME.

Management software provides you with:

  • Schedule design.
  • Visualization of pending tasks in Gantt, Kanban format, etc. .
  • Personalized workflow.
  • Notifications
  • Budgeting.

Time tracking: Team members can track how long it takes to complete an assignment.

The publication of customized reports.

Integration with other tools can increase productivity such as collaborative editing platforms.

There are many Project Management Software options available. Some will be more suitable for your specific industry or needs.

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